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At Northwood University, leadership isn't simply taught, it's instilled. The DeVos Graduate School degree programs will transform you - personally and professionally. Accelerated, Traditional, Working Professional or Online students are welcome to explore our dynamic learning environments. Discover your leadership potential and begin your personal transformation today!

DeVos Difference and Outcomes

Within each of us is the ability to discover.

Northwood University's DeVos Graduate School is a specialized business school focused on developing the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society. We provide dynamic graduate degree programs for adults designed to strategically expand your managerial and leadership skill sets, equipping you with the necessary tools to lead and drive change in your career and life. You will find yourself in the unique position of having choices in your career and entrepreneurial endeavors that you had not previously thought possible with a graduate business degree from Northwood University.

Our MBA and MSOL programs work with the demands of today's competitive marketplace, and most importantly work with you! The DeVos Graduate School's Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program were created with the understanding you are unique. Whether it is through our Accelerated MBA program, Traditional MBA program, Working Professional MBA, or online MSOL program, we are here for you. You demand specific professional and personal elements that will enable greater satisfaction in your career, higher earning potential, and a more fulfilled life. The journey from discovery to transformation begins here. This is the difference.

Life Long Career Advancement Assistance

Northwood University's dedicated Career Advacnement Center staff works with you to help you find your dream job and reach your full potential.

Recent graduates have plenty to say about our Career Services staff.

Northwood students and alumni may receive career coaching and guidance from our Career Services staff, see how it has helped them take their careers to the next level.

"As an MBA student at NU [Northwood University], I believe that my confidence level is a direct result of my educational experience and is translating into some high-profile opportunities for me."

Michael Wacht • Vice President of Operations, Helm, Inc.

From the moment Beth started speaking, I knew she was the real deal. She had fresh, innovative ideas about the job world and her excitement was infectious. I left with renewed faith in my abilities, but it didn't end there - Beth followed up with valuable tools for my job search and together we went through an in-depth but enjoyable process of finding out what I wanted out of my career now. In the end, through following the steps that Beth outlined and by being consistently buoyed by her belief in my potential, I was able to find a job that aligns perfectly for my career goals at this time in my life."

Summer Dawn Franck, MBA

"After reviewing my resume, Beth was able to highlight my skills to match what employers value. Within a few months of working with her the results were noticeable when I received multiple interviews and finally got the start I was looking for. Beth's experience and passion for career development was key to bringing positive results after a 2 plus year job search. I would highly recommend Beth for those who are looking to start a career."

Greg Dietrich, MBA