Course Descriptions

SOC 3000 Principles of Sociology 3 credits
Introduces students to the field of sociology and the sociological perspective. Provides students with three important tools: a basis for understanding how society operates; an understanding of the core sociological concepts, methods, and theories; and the ability to understand society from an objective point of view. Topics for this course include sociological theory, groups, family, bureaucracies, social class, power, deviance, interaction, inequality, organization, socialization, minority relations, community, and social change.

SOC 3010 World Culture and Customs 3 credits
Designed to give students a global perspective by examining cultural regions of the world. Students will explore and analyze geography, economics, history, religion/philosophies, and value system, as well as cultural factors such as language, art, and music. The rationale for this course is to prepare students for the ever-growing interdependence of the world in which they live and work, and to help prepare them to be responsible and participating citizens of the 21st century global society.

SOC 3020 Women in American Culture 3 credits
Examines the changing image of women-women as seen by other women, women as seen by men, and individual women as they see themselves.

SOC 3450 Culture of Leadership 3 credits
An analysis of organizational factors that influence leadership and management skills. Key aspects include formal and informal groups, norms, sanctions, organizational change, morale, function of committees and teams, role of unilateral decisions, team work, empowerment, and ethical philosophy. Includes a self appraisal of leadership and management strengths and areas for development.

SOC 3500 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
Study of how humans are affected by and can change culture. Topics include ethnography, language and communication, ecology and subsistence, kinship and family, identity, roles and groups, globalization and culture change, and applied anthropology. Theoretical and historical analysis will build upon or serve as a foundation for SOC 3010 which has a more contemporary focus.

SOC 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in sociology. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content