Course Descriptions

INB 1100 Introduction to International Business 3 credits
This is a survey course that acquaints students with the salient components of the discipline and the curriculum. It covers the various functional areas of International Business such as trade, finance, law, management, and marketing. It also examines the importance of culture and its impact on human behavior, and brings home to students the importance of understanding cultural differences for the successful pursuit of a career in international business. The course introduces students to career opportunities in the international business field.

INB 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in international business. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content

NOTE: Below are other required major courses in the International Business curriculum.

ECN 3000 International Trade 3 credits
Examines the bases of trading among nations with emphasis on resources, foreign exchange, balance of payments, investments, tariffs, import quotas, export controls, nationalism, free trade, protectionism, and the institutions aiding in world trade.
Prerequisites: ECN 2210 and 2220

ECN 3410 Comparative Economic Systems 3 credits
An analysis of the various systems of economic organization; comparison of socialist methods of economic management with the operations of the market economy; overview of the current economics of several nations.
Prerequisites: ECN 2210 and 2220

FIN 4010 International Finance 3 credits
A comprehensive overview of the international monetary system in terms of its institutional structure, participants and their motivations, markets, and products, as well as currency exposure and techniques in risk management.
Prerequisites: FIN 3010 or FIN 3210 and ECN 3000

LAW 4050 International Law 3 credits
Overview of the international legal environment, including an emphasis on common and code law systems and their impact on the conduct of international business. Explores international jurisdiction, world legal agreements and bodies, treaty agreements, and treaty law.
Prerequisites: LAW 3000 and ECN 3000

MGT 4030 International Management 3 credits
Familiarizes students with the evolution of the multi-national enterprise over the past century, and addresses the challenges today's managers of such enterprises. Discusses the various aspects of the complex task of managing and leading a multi-national enterprise such as strategy formulation, structuring organizations, liaising with external stakeholders, ensuring ethical conduct, and providing inspirational leadership. Knowledge and skills are imparted through the use of experiential learning tools such as simulations and case discussions.
Prerequisite: MGT 2300

MKT 3100 International Marketing 3 credits
Addresses global issues challenging today's international marketer. Discusses the various strategic, tactical, and operational components of the international marketing function. Explores in detail the practical aspects of international marketing such as exports and imports, international marketing research, and the development of a comprehensive marketing plan.
Prerequisites: MKT 2080 and MGT 2300

12 credits of Spanish or other foreign language:

SPN 2010 Spanish I 3 credits
The first of a two semester sequence designed specifically for beginning university students with no previous language study. Emphasis is placed on acquisition and application of basic language skills.

SPN 2015 Spanish II 3 credits
Continuation of the first year language sequence in Spanish. Course design places emphasis on development of the target language in the five goal areas of foreign language education: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.
Prerequisite: SPN 2010

SPN 3010 Spanish III 3 credits
The first of a two semester sequence designed for students who have a background of at least one year of college level Spanish or its equivalent. The objective is to further acquisition and application of the target language at the intermediate level. Authentic materials in the target language reflect contemporary topics relevant to contemporary global issues.
Prerequisite: SPN 2015

SPN 3015 Spanish IV 3 credits
Completes the second year language sequence in Spanish. Course emphasis is placed on continued development of proficiency in the target language through grammar review, composition, selected readings, small group discussion, and short speeches on topics of interest.
Prerequisite: SPN 3010