Course Descriptions

HUM 3010 Ideas That Shaped America 3 credits
Explores ideas from America's European heritage that shaped modern America. Course taught only in the Semester in Europe Study Abroad program.

HUM 3020 Survey of Western Art 3 credits
Explores Western art through first-hand visits to European cultural centers and classroom lectures during the Semester in Europe Study Abroad program.

HUM 3100 Creativity 3 credits
An overview of the creative process and its relationship to both personal and professional achievement. Theories of creativity are summarized, covering such topics as the creative personality, creative problem solving, and creative team work. Students will acquire the resources and techniques for stimulating creative thinking and facilitating creative problem solving. The course will encompass both individual and group exercises to stimulate creative thinking.

HUM 3110 The Search for Meaning Through the Humanities 3 credits
An examination of the human search for meaning through perennial questions and their possible answers as expressed in intellectual, artistic, and social endeavors.

HUM 3120 Introduction to Art 3 credits
A survey of visual media, past and present, with particular emphasis on expressionism and realism and how they mirror society. Technique as well as theory is discussed.

HUM 3130 Introduction to Music 3 credits
The study of music from the past and present, and its impact on our culture. Included is a survey of music from historical periods and the relationship of this auditory art form to other areas of the humanities.

HUM 3140 Introduction to Modern Art 3 credits
A chronological survey of major art movements beginning with Romanticism and culminating in the most recent developments in painting and sculpture.

HUM 3150 Introduction to Film Art 3 credits
A survey of past and present films with particular emphasis on the elements of form and style. A history of film and survey of genres and styles is included.

HUM 3200 Critical Appreciation of the Arts 3 credits
Focuses on the special role of the arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, drama, music, dance, film, and photography as forms of human expression. Attention is given to definitions of art and various critical approaches to the arts in order to establish a foundation for critical response.

HUM 3210 General Humanities 3 credits
Beginning with the advent of the Renaissance, this course traces the humanistic aspects of our intellectual development, as that development is manifested in painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, political theory, and spiritual experience.

HUM 3220 Design Principles 3 credits
Exploration of human reaction to visual stimuli and the role of design to solve problems and make decisions in business and personal life. The goal is that students will make better functional, practical, and economic visual judgments.

HUM 3500 Honors Seminar 3 credits
Critical study of various forms of artistic expression to sharpen students' ability to form divergent points of view.
Prerequisites: 60 credit hours completed and approval of academic dean

HUM 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in humanities. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content