Course Descriptions

HCM 1010 Introduction to Health Care Management and Administration 3 credits
Overview of key issues in the management and administration of comprehensive health care facilities. Focuses on the administrator's relationship to the medical and nursing professions and assesses the attributes of the various types of health service organizations.

HCM 1020 Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Language in Health Care 3 credits
Analysis of problems and issues associated with management of health care organizations and distinguishes between various types of organizations. This course focuses on hospitals, mental care centers, long-term care facilities, managed care organizations, and community clinics. Introduction to special terminology, culture, and behavior patterns that characterize health care with emphasis on implications for administration of health care institutions.

HCM 2010 Economics of Health Care 3 credits
Analysis of economic factors bearing on the costs and affordability of health care. Covers public perceptions, attitudes, and political pressures as they affect demand for health services; reimbursement policies shaping service delivery; competition and alternative delivery systems; managed care and other government and private payer attempts to control costs; and overview of the medical cost containment crisis.

HCM 2030 History of Health Care Management 3 credits
Students will have the opportunity to follow the strategic trends of the health care industry since its entry into the business arena. An assessment of post World War II changes in health care, managed care, and managed competition will be addressed. Changes in incentives for physicians, hospitals, and health care providers will be discussed. An assessment of new technology and techniques introduced into the health care industry will also be addressed.

HCM 2990 Internship 3 credits
The internship (400 hours of paid employment) is designed to provide the student with supervised on-the-job training. A contract between the college, student, and employer provides the groundwork. Objectives, evaluations, written log, and a study of the organization are designed to provide a realistic learning experience.
Prerequisite: Faculty approval

HCM 3010 Accounting Analysis Techniques in the Health Care Institution 3 credits
Application of accounting concepts and techniques to managerial decision making in the health care industries. Emphasis on the use and issues of accounting information and tools as opposed to the preparation of accounting information. The central theme is to convey an understanding of budgets and operational data, to analyze, and to know what information to look for to make intelligent managerial decisions. (This course is not an accounting course but rather the use of accounting tools.)

HCM 3020 Health Care Budgeting and Financial Management 3 credits
Examines how private and public agencies determine program priorities, allocate resources to execute those programs, and obtain funds through taxation, bond issues, and other means. Explores cash flow problems related to third-party payments. Uses case study analysis to determine financial techniques and reporting for health care providers.

HCM 3030 Human Resource Management for the Health Care Industry 3 credits
Analyzes special problems of forecasting, planning, staffing, and developing human resource management in health care institutions. Explores legal aspects of human resource management and administration in the industry with an emphasis on compliance.

HCM 3040 Legal and Ethical Aspects 3 credits
Basic principles of law applicable to the business world, emphasizing contract, sales, bailments, negotiable instruments, agency, partnerships, corporations, insurance, and real estate.

HCM 4010 Health Care Quality Management 3 credits
Comprehensive examination of those systems that measure and maintain quality in health care. Continuous improvements of the Total Quality Management discipline as it applies to health care.

HCM 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in health care management. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content

HCM 4020 Current Topics in Health Care Management 3 credits
The analysis, discussion, and reporting from current literature of significant trends, controversial issues affecting health care, and application of advanced decision-making techniques to those issues.

HCM 4030 Marketing Management for the Health Care Industry 3 credits
Application of marketing concepts and techniques within and to health care institutions. Comprehensive overview of market analysis for new and on-going products and services.

HCM 4040 Health Care Systems 3 credits
Modern systems theory as applied to management and its problems. Applications of integrated computer software are evaluated for their potential in systematic approaches to problem solving, decision-making, planning, and controlling.

HCM 4060 Industry Trends in Health Care Management 3 credits
This capstone course for Health Care Management majors focuses on the application of the principles, concepts, and theories underlying the discipline.  Emphasis is on the application of high-ordered thinking and decision-making techniques regarding industry trends in Health Care Management.   
Prerequisites: HCM 3000, HCM 4010, HCM 4030