Course Descriptions

FRA  1010 Principles of Franchising 3 credits
This course is an overview of the concepts and principles of franchising as they pertain to the economic sustainability of both the domestic and global markets. In route, students will study the history and development of franchising models and businesses derived from those models, including single-unit and multi-unit franchises. The importance of operations manuals will be cover as well. International franchising is introduced as a viable means for start-up franchises, as well as expansion of existing franchise businesses. Students will learn the proper franchising terminology so that they will be able to converse intelligently throughout the franchising community. 

FRA  3000 Franchising Law and Compliance Issues 3 credits
Overview of specific legal and compliance issues in franchising and franchise business structure, including contractual negotiations, human resource management, environmental compliance, liability, and federal and state law regarding disclosure documents. Case law, as well as case studies of legal and compliance issues will be used to illustrate developments and legal precedents in franchises.
Prerequisites:  FRA 1010, LAW 3000 

FRA 4100 International Franchising 3 credits
Examines the history and role of international franchising, including the growth of overseas franchising and the legal requirements for international franchises.   Includes an overview of the role of culture, local requirements and local markets in successful franchise operations.  Case studies of successful international franchising are part of the course as well.
Prerequisite: FRA 3000

FRA 4200 Current Issues and Trends in Franchising 3 credits
This course gives an overview of contemporary issues and trends in franchising.  Includes contemporary developments in franchising strategy, operations, legal issues, finance, marketing and management of franchises.   Explores new markets for franchising and career opportunities in contemporary franchising, including multi-unit franchises.
Prerequisite: 4100