Course Descriptions

FMM 1010 Introduction to Merchandising 3 credits
This introductory class provides an exposure to merchandising terminology. Activities and operations that make up the apparel fashion work will be explored as will discussions regarding the entrepreneurs who influence the industry. Career possibilities are presented with an overview of the raw materials, designing, and manufacturing, plus the wholesale and retail markets.

FMM 2010 Fashion Promotions and Visual Merchandising 3 credits
Various components of a manufacturer's or retailers promotional techniques, including visual merchandising, are studied. In addition, forms of advertising and special events are studied to evaluate their applications to various situations.
Prerequisite: FMM 1010

FMM 2050 Textiles 3 credits
A thorough study of all aspects of the textile industry including fiber, fabrics, prints, finishes, care, and legislation will take place in this course. Students will study the impact of textiles on global economies as well as environmental issues through a variety of teaching methods.
Prerequisite: FMM 1010

FMM 3020 History of Costume 3 credits
This course will survey the evolution of apparel and accessories from the Egyptian period to today's current fashions and relationships therein. The course stresses the social, economic, and political factors which have influenced fashion throughout the ages as well as noting construction, design methods, and terminology.
Prerequisites: FMM 1010 and HIS 2100 or HIS 2150

FMM 3110 Apparel Analysis 3 credits
Students conduct a thorough study of the primary and secondary levels of the industry from raw materials to the finished product and quality levels to costing of materials. Industry terminology, global, and environmental issues will be explored as they pertain to the apparel industry.
Prerequisites: FMM 1010 and 2050 and 3020

FMM 3120 Textiles and Apparel Analysis 3 credits
Explores multiple factors including cost of materials, brand names, and quantities that affect the designing, manufacturing, and pricing of fashion merchandise. Students will study the processing of textiles from fibers to fabrics and processing to care and legislation. This course engages students in the overall workings of the textile industry as it relates specifically to the apparel and soft goods industries.
Prerequisites: FMM 1010

FMM 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in fashion marketing and management. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content

FMM 3990 Internship 3 credits
The 400 hours internship is designed to provide the student with supervised on-the-job training in their area(s) of interest. A contract between the college, students, and employer as well as a complete list of goals and objectives provides the ground work for this experience. A daily log, periodic evaluations, study of the company, and personal self-reflection are designed to provide the student with a realistic learning experience.
Prerequisite: FMM major or 60 credit hours earned

FMM 4030 Merchandising Buying 3 credits
Students will participate as a "buyer" through a buying and merchandise assortment planning experience. Students will learn to bridge the gap between the principles of retail buying and mathematical formulas and concepts. The career of a buyer and their responsibilities will be explored.
Prerequisites: FMM 2010 and 3110 and 3120

FMM 4120 Practices and Theories of Fashion 3 credits
Successful fashion manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are studied along with career opportunities in these areas. The multiple factors, such as cost of materials, brand, names, quantities, and sourcing that affect the designing, manufacturing, and pricing of merchandise are explored. Information and experiences will come from interaction with professionals in these areas. A cumulative and thorough application of all facets of the student's program is exhibited through a variety of projects concluding with a major business plan.
Prerequisites: FMM major with 90 credit hours completed, FMM 4030, ACC 2415, MTH 1150