Course Descriptions

AMM 1100 Introduction to the Automotive and Heavy Duty Aftermarket 3 credits
Each step of the automotive and heavy duty aftermarket distribution system and interrelations of all segments from manufacturer to consumer are explored. The course includes the aftermarket history, industry terminology, distribution channels, sales organization, trade associations, the trade press, and aftermarket trends.

AMM 1120 Aftermarket Manufacturing Management 3 credits
The aftermarket management manufacturing functions are examined including market planning, sales training and management, advertising, selecting and directing employees, establishing and controlling budgets, executive responsibilities, managing for profit, trade shows and clinics, market research, branding, remanufacturing, and manufacturer representative firms.
Prerequisite: AMM 1100

AMM 2050 Automotive Retail/Wholesale Management 3 credits
The organization, capitalization, layout, product lines, inventory control, purchasing, personnel, financial control, and other management topics for the wholesale and retail segments of the automotive aftermarket are explored. Functions of consumer-oriented marketing are looked at for all segments. Includes retail attitude, pricing and promotion, retail/wholesale combinations, identity and store image, influence of aesthetics and design, purchasing procedures, employee hiring and personnel management, and merchandising and display.
Prerequisite: AMM 1100

AMM 2100 Heavy Duty Parts and Service Marketing 3 credits
The functions of each step of heavy duty aftermarket parts and service marketing and interrelations of all segments from manufacturer to consumers are explored, including industry terminology, channels of distribution, financial implications and supply chain marketing techniques, and aftermarket trends. The management of heavy duty aftermarket manufacturing is also examined, including market planning, sales training, market research, branding, remanufacturing, and manufacturer representative firms. This course also covers the function of the warehouse distributor within the automotive aftermarket.

AMM 3500 Supply Chain Management 3 credits
Explores the principal concepts of supply chain management, including generation of requirements, sourcing, pricing, and post-award activities. The supply chain management philosophy includes all internal functions plus external suppliers involved in the identification and fulfillment of needs for materials, equipment, and services. The course also covers basic principles and philosophies of quality control and quality management, the concept of the extended enterprise, and the importance of establishing the proper relationship with supplier companies. The basic three-tier supply chain typical of automotive manufacturing will be examined in detail.

AMM 3600 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3 credits
Focuses on management of the flow of products from raw materials sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the final user. Current topics include logistics and transportation planning, information technology, response-based strategies, third party logistics, and relationship management. This course also discusses the role of logistics and distribution in the marketing process.
Prerequisite: AMM 2050

AMM 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in aftermarket management. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content

AMM 3990 Internship 3 credits
This is a work-study project by the individual student about the applicability of theories and principles of aftermarket management. A contracted and supervised work program is arranged with an employer, faculty, and student.
Prerequisite: Faculty approval

AMM 4040 Aftermarket Field Sales Management 3 credits
The examination of the field sales manager's job activities. Subjects include selling skills, expense management, time management, merchandising/advertising plans, sales report writing/sales forecast plans, trade show management, and human resource skills.

AMM 4120 Current Issues in Global Aftermarket 3 credits
A current issues study confronting the aftermarket with emphasis on the changing distribution channels and their effect on manufacturing. Concepts included are traditional and retail distribution and how these changes will be managed in the multi-national business environment.

AMM 4130 Aftermarket Management Research 3 credits
Individual research assignments and projects based on the establishment of a new, student-selected aftermarket business are required, with instructor guidance and supplementary material provided. Includes location and business type, advertising, merchandising and promotion, personnel requirements, pricing and inventory, building, design and layout, product and service selection, and financial considerations.