Course Descriptions

ADV 1100 Principles of Advertising 3 credits
An introduction to the principles of advertising and public relations as related to marketing and business management practices in enterprise. In this course students will participate in a detailed study of the principle functioning groups of advertising professionals: advertisers/clients, advertising agencies, advertising media, and advertising suppliers of special services such as artists, photographers, talent, production suppliers, and research. Students will study how each group is interdependent and how all are vital parts of the process of commercial marketing communications. Students will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the roles of professionals in terms of strategies, tactics, execution, and results, as well as how advertising relates to the public, government, and consumers. Additionally, the course will take a comprehensive and practical look at the nature, scope, and use of public relations skills.
Prerequisite: MKT 2080

ADV 1110 Advertising Research and Copywriting 3 credits
Orients students to the purpose and role of research in making conceptual and creative recommendations. Included in this course are the development and implementation of primary and secondary research to create effective copy for printed and electronic media. This course takes an in-depth look at how research is used to build a strategy and how data are then used to create proper messaging/copywriting for ads, commercials, and promotional materials. This is a writing course, therefore, students will write advertising copy for various media. Students will also gain an orientation to the developmental steps of creative thinking, strategy, and copywriting for ads, commercials, and promotion materials.

ADV 2100 Advertising Sales and Media Planning 3 credits
Students examine various media available to the contemporary advertiser, including traditional media newspapers, magazines, out-of-home, radio, television, direct mail, and new media opportunities in the constantly evolving digital environment, as well as related initiatives such as viral marketing and guerrilla marketing. In addition to analysis of the message delivery platform, research techniques that support message placement including primary and secondary research methodologies are examined as students become familiar with construction of a media plan. Students will discover the relationship between financially accountable budget planning and the media mix with the goal of reaching maximum communications objectives. Students will experience what it's like to be on the other side of the table, as they learn how to sell the various media outlets and media planning strategies to buyers.
Prerequisite: ADV 1100

ADV 2150 Advertising Creative Process and Design 3 credits
An examination of the nature and importance and applications of the creative process, complemented by a series of exercises, discussions, and exposure to a variety of stimuli organized and presented in such a way as to help each student maximize his/her creative abilities at work, at home, and in the community. In this course students will analyze elements of an ad including layout, fonts, color, casting, lighting, and images, and how these communicate with a target audience.

ADV 2310 New Media Strategies and Tactics 3 credits
The advertising field today deals with communicating with a target audience through many other adverting vehicles rather than the traditional print and broadcast. Guerilla marketing, the digital age of advertising, and interactive and viral advertising are now considered mainstream media when communicating with a target audience. This course introduces students to the concepts and use of new media including: viral marketing, digital media, guerilla marketing, social networking, and viral advertising. Through this course students will learn forms of media and unconventional systems for communication/promotions that rely on time, energy, and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.
Prerequisite: ADV 1100

ADV 3850 Special Topics 1-3 credits
Various topics in advertising. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content

ADV 4100 Advertising Campaigns 3 credits
Students will review historical and contemporary advertising and marketing communication campaigns, analyze consumer, business-to-business, national, and local campaigns including volunteer, not-for-profit public service advertising. Students work in team groups to create and present a completely integrated advertising campaign supporting and coordinating all strategy, creative, media, and sales promotion aspects for final recommendation. Students on each team grade the work of their teammates within the group. This is the capstone course of Northwood's Advertising Program. This is a practical knowledge and hands-on course.
Prerequisites: ADV 2100, 2150 and 2310

ADV 4790 Current Issues in Advertising 3 credits
Examination of and discussion about major issues confronting the advertising industry-especially those issues being fueled by the traumatic changes that are sweeping over business generally and the advertising industry specifically. This is a discussion-based course that requires student to be aware of the changes happening daily in the industry.
Prerequisite: ADV 4100