The Northwood University Honors Program's general academic mission is to emphasize critical analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of course content. This is accomplished through innovative teaching and assessment methods, greater breadth and depth of content, and higher standards of rigor. Its professional mission is to provide a more comprehensive exploration of disciplines used within various professions. The Honors Program enhances personal growth by creating a community of likeminded students dedicated to maximizing the value of their education.

Being limited in size-20 students maximum-honors courses place more emphasis on class participation and discussion-based learning. They encourage students to direct their own learning and emphasize development of social and leadership skills. By offering a variety of learning experiences, honors courses encourage collaborative learning, offer experiences outside the classroom, seek frequent faculty-student interaction, and accelerate student intellectual growth. In addition, by developing discipline-appropriate research skills, honors courses stress independent research and learning, present primary sources and original documents, offer access to updated literature from the field, and urge originality in writing and analysis. Honors courses offer an enhanced range and depth of study through increased quality of work, not quantity of work.

Participation Requirements

Honors students at Northwood University may participate in the program at three different levels. All students who qualify and complete any honors course are considered to be Honors Program Participants, and their honors courses are identified on their transcripts. Each semester, Honors students decide for themselves how many Honors courses are right for them. Students who complete 12 semester credit hours in specified groups of honors courses earn an Honors Certificate. Those who complete 24 semester credit hours earn an Honors Diploma. Students that earn the Certificate or Diploma will have a note on their transcript indicating that the student has opted for an enhanced and challenging undergraduate education. Successful completion of either the Honors Certificate or Diploma will require a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and a minimum cumulative GPA in honors courses of 3.0.

Enrollment in even a single Honors course allows students to participate in all Honors activities such as the Student Honors Association meetings, end-of-year honors dinner, and special speaking and cultural events.

Admission Process

Admission to the Honors Program from high school requires one of the following three conditions:

  • 3.25 or better high school GPA with a minimum 25 ACT or 1150 SAT
  • 3.50 or better high school GPA with a minimum 24 ACT or 1100 SAT
  • 3.75 or better high school GPA with a minimum 23 ACT or 1070 SAT

Study Abroad

Students who complete 15 or more credit hours in honors courses at Northwood University may apply for honors admission to either Semester in Asia or Semester in Europe. Honors admission automatically provides a scholarship that adjusts the study abroad program fee to the fee level students would otherwise pay for the combination of residential tuition, fees, room and board on the Northwood campus they attend. Scholarship amounts will be adjusted in proportion to the individual program fees. The Honors scholarship may only be used once. Students cannot receive multiple honors scholarships for study abroad.